Nueplex Cinemas acts as a catalyst in uniting families and friends for leisure time. It provides a state of mind that exists in no other platform, and thus creates several opportunities for brands to showcase themselves in such an environment which gets the audience in its most receptive frame of mind. So don’t be late to advertise your brand/product on our website or at our actual cinema sites! 

Why Nueplex?

  • Having a following of millions of customers, our website continues to be one of the most visited in the industry. 
  • We offer a larger than life visual and aural impact in general, and in comparison to mediums such as TV/Radio.
  • We give brands an opportunity to engage with audiences on a deeper level, in an uncluttered environment.
  • Ads become a part of the cinematic experience so there are less cases of ad avoidance
  • Greater advertising recall for cinema’s audience at Nueplex. 
  • Boasting a huge number of screens, Nueplex ensures greater visibility. 
  • Past successful experiences with traditional branding as well as brand activations on site. 

Email at for advertisement opportunities and further information!